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Having recently been introduced to Tashawn Taylor at a ALL TOGETHER NOW SHOWCASEMoment of Flavor knew there was something great about Emcee Tashawn Taylor when he spit that track "No Joke". We connected with the Mr.Tashawn to find out what his day to day consist of and how he manages and maintains confidence in his culture.

How has the experience of being a Music Artist and sharing your craft been so far; are you getting good responses ?

Being an artist is actually amazing. Before I used to struggle with not knowing what my audience is and not knowing how to get my music out there, but now I'm trying to figure out what my next move is, while I'm practicing my freestyles and writing more music for myself and others. If anything a lot of people really want me to feature on their material and it's working really well for me because it's keeping my brain active and it's helping me work with others better.

How do people respond to your music ?


People respond to my music by being really astounded and excited to hear, or by listening carefully and just taking it all in. There's a lot of depth to what I put in my material, so when people hear it they know it's coming from the horses mouth. People want to hear real authentic music that doesn't sound like it's trying to hard to be cool, so when they want that they usually come to me asking when the next song is gonna drop because they know it's gonna be me.


How are you connecting with the best musicians in your area ?


To be honest, I never actually know how I connect with these musicians. Every time I step out of my house and into a performance I meet people I never thought I'd meet. It's actually pretty amazing knowing that the people you work with could literally be around the corner from you and you can find your team in just one night.

Are there any artist or musicians you’d like to open up for or possibly collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with a lot of people, but I want to shorten it down to 3 Boston Artists: Sean Wire, Michael Christmas, and Dutch Rebelle

ARTIST/MUSICIAN : Tashawn Taylor

Photographer: Jaypix Belmer

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