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Artist Kay Wattz From Boston Massachusetts, Drops a New Ep for the summer

Titled Konfidence", All Hiphop & Bars. Kay Wattz is confident about this EP's delivery and was able to land solid collaborations with different people form the city.


Artist / Musician: Kay Wattz at Skippy Whites record store.

Photographer: Jaypix Belmer


Moment of Flavor & Kay Wattz sit down for a conversation. Lowering the transparency.

As Jaypix sips some wine and Kay Wattz hits the blunt they get into why music is apart of both their lives. Women in Music is a major topic ,Find out how Kay Wattz got so confident ,she went from ball game to pen game and has never been afraid to shoot her shot.

Jaypix & Kaywattz were hooked up for a photo shoot for writer Anna Rae and Fashion Blog Qwear. ( check out the article )


Shout out to Anna Rae, shout out Qwear fashion, the photoshoot, the clips, just meeting you and going through what we went through. I'm like yo, I like vibe'in with people and connecting, anybody that can put you in front of those people so you can shine your light with, it's a blessing.


How did you like the photo shoot for the article promoting Ana Rae’s All Together Now showcase?


It was dope.

Ana Rae had someone playing the violin, someone was painting, rapping, it was a very diverse show, and we need more of that. You don't ever want to get a show where everything is repetitive, you want some diverse styles, so that was dope. Shout Out to Anna Rae and shout out to her for hooking us up, because we made some fire on that photoshoot, it was crazy.

Artist / Musician: Kay Wattz on Columbus Ave, Roxbury, MA 02119

Photographer: Jaypix Belmer


Thank You Wattz, Thank you, it was a pleasure. Very happy & excited, You are born in and from Boston. I didn't really hear of you before we were introduced and when I did listen, I was very intrigued by your delivery and how passionate you are in your versus,it’s not just music for you.


Growing up in music,s/o to my older cousin Pac Money, he put me on to a lot of things music wise, But before music I was doing basketball. You know how the love be, I've always played music in my ears or head, like my soundtrack to a game, when getting ready, pregame, anything.


How did you get started.?

I used to get mad and nervous before games so I started writing, and when I started writing, I noticed it was kinda helping me, before the ball games and everything. It killed two birds with one stone.


You fueled your own soul.?


Yeah,that's what's fire! I was writing.

That's how it be, but one day... I used to come to games with cds, and I put one of my tracks on, slipped it in. and I didn't tell anyone. Then, “ Yo who’s that, That's ME!.

We got mad amped , that's when I really found out I got something here, you gotta dish it out, you gotta show people.

Artist /Musician: Kay Wattz Elgleston Square

Photographer: Jaypix Belmer


New music coming soon, You’ve been working hard independently, how is that coming?


The biggest thing is the release, but that's the hardest part. Whether it's with music or whatever you do, the hardest part is to show people, "IM HERE. THIS IS WHAT IM DOING RIGHT NOW".

Whether you come out to the world, in whatever way you're coming out, whether you're doing music, or changing careers, you gotta take that step and be confident.

That's gonna be the hardest part, stepping out ,and being like this is what i'm doing.

Brandie Blaze has shown people whenever you want to start your Journey, start that. Don't wait for no permissions or nothing, Brandi Blaze showed me an example of that.

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